Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Secret Weapons - Tritton Headset

Every once in awhile there comes a time, between the swearing and the trash talking, when you actually want to speak to someone while gaming online. It's during those times when you realize just how crappy the standard Microsoft and Sony headsets really are. But what some gamers may not realize is that there are some viable alternatives.

Take for example Tritton's AX 180 headset. I picked myself up a set of these bad boys a couple of months ago, and have been loving them ever since. No more aching ears, no more drained batteries, no more awkward moments, when you think you're muted, and you call out your friend for being the pussy that he...ah hmm. Anyway, it also supports in game audio. Great for any late night gaming when you have asshole neighbours next-door.

I will say they're not perfect. The cord, while super long, can get a bit messy in the back. Especially if your TV isn't close to your console. And the audio isn't surround sound or digital. Tritton does makes headsets with those features but they can get pretty pricey.

As for the AX-180, I got mine for about 70 bucks, which isn't too bad considering it works with the 360, PS3, PC, and the Wii. Turtle Beach makes a similar headset that is a bit cheaper, but it only supports one console, and to me, looks too much like a toy.

Overall the AX-180 works great, feels great, and if you do a lot of online gaming, is well worth the extra dough.

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