Sunday, April 11, 2010

Features that should have become standard

With each new console generation there are many technological advancements that promise to completely change the way we play games. Usually early on in each console's lifespan is where we see the most experimentation when it comes to games. Ever play a game with a truly unique and well-designed feature and were sure this was the future of gaming, only to never see it get used again ever? Here are a few that stuck out to me.

1. Dedicated servers - Ok this one is incredibly obvious, but COME ON it's 2010 for christ sake. Matchmaking in console games ranges from decent to ass crap. There's no reason people can't have the option to host or play on dedicated servers. UT 3 and rainbox six had this option on 360.

2. Cover in FPS games
- I can only think of 2 games so far that had this. Rainbow six vegas and killzone 2. I think it could be improved upon but the concept is sound. Why the hell should I have to expose my whole body to look out of cover? It's a silly remnant of old game design.

3. Giving AI instructions
- AI may be vastly harder to improve upon than graphics, but I'd at least like to have the option to ask my squad mate for ammo, or tell them to stop running into the corner like a retard.

4. Destructible environments - Again this is something that can be difficult to pull off, but it adds so much to the game. Nothing is more infuriating than getting your tank stuck on a wooden fence or not being able to shoot your rocket launcher through a plywood door.

5. Active reloading - For anyone not familiar with the concept, in the Gears series when you reload your weapon a bar pops up and if you're able to hit reload again at the right moment you get a faster reload and a damage boost. It's a neat way to make one of the most repetitive tasks more fun and engaging.

6. NPC interactions
- In games right now NPCs serve basically 4 purposes: story exposition, vendors, quest givers or escort fodder. It would be nice to be able to be able to interact with them on a bit deeper level, even if it's something trivial.

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