Friday, April 9, 2010

A Fool Proof Plan

In this 2010 the year of our lord, gaming as a hobby is pretty expensive. With three consoles offering a huge variety of A-list games, not to mention handhelds and PC it's very easy to spend more than you planned. It is also a huge kick in the balls to spend a full $70 on a game only to see it drops down to half that in a matter of weeks. That's why Jaison and I came up with a plan that is genius in it's simplicity.

Stop buying games for a couple of months. For some people that's an easy task. Millions of people manage to not buy games every day! But when you are big smelly nerds like us buying games is as vital as buying food, or suspenders, or star wars figures. But hear me out! Take a month or two to clear out the backlog and beat some games you never got around to. Then, by the time you're done that, the ones that just came out will hopefully have dropped in price a bit (Or a lot in some cases).

Then when you are done with THOSE games, in theory the next new releases will have come down in price. By creating this time bubble and gaming in the past, you will enjoy every game as much and hopefully save some money! I'd like to thank the Amish for coming up with this idea.

There is also the added side effect that you might end up skipping a few games that probably weren't worth your money anyway. I own a few games that I bought on launch day because of glowing early reviews and kick ass trailers, only to find that they are shit from a butt. Fuel and Dragon rising I am looking at you!

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