Friday, April 9, 2010

Games I Like - God Hand

To keep this from becoming one big whiney bitch fest, I figure every so often I'll pick a game that I really like then get down on my knees and give it a big sloppy recommendation. First up, GOD HAND.

"What's so great about this game?" I hear you asking. As a wise man once said, "It's just a game about punching people." The beauty is in the simplicity my friends. At it's core God Hand is a modern take on old school arcade beat 'em ups. Enemies come at you from all angles and you beat the living shit out of them with an array of over the top combos and finishing moves.

The action is moved along by truly awful B-movie cutscenes and some hilariously corny dialog. It's so over the top in every way that if you're the kind of person who doesn't get their undies in a bunch over everything not being perfectly logical in a VIDEO GAME, you're bound to get some good laughs out of the sheer insanity of it all.

The story certainly adds to the charm, but the gameplay here is definitely the star of the show. Over the course of the game you earn money to purchase and unlock new basic moves which you can combine to create some awesome custom combos. You also unlock God Reel techniques which are super flashy special attacks that range from booting someone in the nards to punching them into outer space.

The combat is super technical and unforgiving at times. If you button mash the game is going to shit all over you in short order. At the same time it doesn't rely on super cheap enemies, so you are able to take on most foes with a little practice. There is also no blocking in the game. Instead, your right analogue stick controls the direction you dodge. It's a neat feature and requires more technique than just holding the block button.

In short, this game expects a lot from the player and while it's not for pussies it holds great rewards for those who are able to master it. Plus it's got chihuaha races, wrestling gorillas, a big fat hispanic guy named Elvis, gambling, evil three stooges, power ranger midgets, and so much more. To prove it's real and not just a wonderful dream, check the trailer!

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