Saturday, April 24, 2010

Enemies That Can Fuck Right Off

The sun in super mario 3
- I have a hard enough time trying to dodge goombas and turtles without this constipated fucker swooping down on me every 2 seconds.

Skeletons in Demon's Souls - Unlike skeletons in most games, these dickheads are FAST. They're also agile and can dish out tons of damage in seconds.

Flying Enemies - They're always hard to hit and annoying. We don't enjoy fighting bats or birds or other stupid shit. Smarten up, video games.

Anything that poisons/paralyzes/petrifies you - These status effects are just annoying and force you to carry around tons of otherwise useless items.

The babies in Dead Space
- These little turds aren't even dangerous on their own but they love to hit you with their projectiles just in time to stun you so a real enemy can eat your face.

Snipers - Just like in real life, snipers are never any fun to fight in games. They suck in online games and they suck just as bad in single player games.

Ultros - He is just a dick in general and I can't stand him. Fuck you Ultros.

Lava and Spikes - They aren't even enemies but they can still fuck right off.

Mini bosses in Mega Man - I always hate fighting them because they're just stupid and I want to get to the actual boss so I can jump through the boss doors.

Seth - The cheapest fucking boss ever. Hey seth go eat a bag of dicks.

Killer Croc in Batman AA - Absolutely terrible and boring to fight. What were they thinking?

And now for the grand finale. The #1 most hated enemies in the history of the galaxy are....

Enemies that steal your items


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