Friday, April 16, 2010

Brink - A game that shows promise!

I saw a couple trailers for this upcoming FPS game called Brink recently. It looks to have some very neat features and I am surprised it hasn't generated much buzz yet.

is an upcoming first- person shooter developed by Splash Damage set to release in 2010. It offers team-based multiplayer missions with authored narratives, persistent player characters and an approachable nature. It is also developer Splash Damage's first original title, as past titles were part of franchises.

In Brink, two sides, "Resistance" and "Security", fight in the outskirts of a utopian city known as The Ark, a floating city surrounded by the waters of a flooded Earth. The Ark was designed as a prototype of a perfect city, with renewable resources and no pollution, large enough to support 5,000 residents. Its population has grown to 50,000 however, leading it to the brink (hence the name of the game) of a civil war.

So sayeth wikipedia. Anyway, the objective based game types look neat, as does the character customization. The art style doesn't do a whole lot for me but I have seen worse. What really makes me want this game is how you can interact with the environment. Check this out!

Cool huh?! It's like Mirror's edge...only good. I'd like to see more FPS games letting you do more than duck or go prone. Opens up huge possibilities. Here's some actual gameplay. Doesn't look too shabby either.

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