Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Games I Like - Guerrilla War

As a child who didn't dream of owning a game where you play as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara liberating Cuba from the fascist El Presidente? What? I was the only one? That explains a lot...

Anyway, this is one of my favorite games from childhood and one of the few NES games I've ever beaten without game genie. What's so awesome about it? For starters, what isn't awesome about it? Nothing. You play as Castro and Geuvara (renamed Blue guy and Brown guy for the north american release) and blast your way through hordes of enemies, tanks, helicopters, trains, guys in bulldozers and I forget what else to liberate your un-named Cuba-shaped island.

The gameplay here is fast and furious, you are constantly firing and chucking grenades as you're attacked from all sides. The music is great and really pumps up the intensity. There are lots of power-ups like flamethrowers, rockets and smart bombs. You can expect to die a LOT on your way to the end. It's ok though because of one great feature.

Two player co-op, bitches! Whether intended or not, a side effect of having 2 players is that as long as one guy is alive the other can keep getting continues. So as long as you both don't die at once you can keep going. Hella rad. My brother and I spent so many hours playing this. We still get upset when the two bosses jump out of the bulldozer and fling you down that hole in the ground.

It is a really fun and hectic game, especially with a friend and I'm really disappointed that it doesn't get more attention. Check out this video for a taste of awesome.

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