Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Great Comic

If you are even remotely as nerdy as I am, you've probably heard of Scott Pilgrim. If you've read it, good for you! If not, you probably should. It really is something special. Check it out for yourself before the movie comes out this summer and it gets run straight into the fucking ground, like anything even remotely good.

So who is this Pilgrim and what's he about anyway? Good question my dear. It's basically a comic by Canadian author Bryan Lee O'Malley . It centers around a guy named Scott Pilgrim (named after a song by Plumtree) and his friends as he tries to win over the girl of his dreams (His actual dreams) by defeating her 7 evil ex-boyfriends.

There is also a gay room mate, a chinese stalker, half-ninjas, a job, vegans, bass battles, an evil ex-girlfriend and so much more craziness. But strangely enough that's only part of what makes it so good. What really grounds the story are the slice of life moments. Scott jamming with his (crappy) band, going out with Ramona or just playing video games.

The characters are all both believable and hilarious. Watching the band getting ready to play a set is as entertaining as watching Scott punch a guy into oblivion. The story will really speak to any jaded twenty-somethings who grew up playing video games and reading comic books. No job, sharing a crappy appartment, shitty band, complicated relationships, it's all there. Video game references are very important to the story, and if you are here reading this blog I'm sure you'd get a big kick out of it too.

The final volume of the comic is due out sometime around summer, as is the movie which I am still not completely sold on yet. But if any director can pull it off it would be Edgar Wright. Check out the trailer and see what you think!

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