Sunday, August 22, 2010

Video Game Music

Playing the new Scott Pilgrim game and listening to it's fantastic soundtrack made me realize something I really miss about NES era games. The music. How they were able to play such catchy tunes on that hardware is amazing to me.

Just hearing the intro theme to Mega Man 2 gets me super pumped up, I am seven years old again and ready to spend another Sunday kicking Dr. Wily's wrinkly old ass. Well I did a little googling and learned that this kind of music has it's own genre called Chiptunes, and there are people producing new music playing on old video game hardware using the same old bleeps and bloops we heard as kids.

So now are you ready to start listening to the music you loved as a kid? Well hold the phone there maestro! First you are gonna need this plugin for Winamp to play the NSF files. You can download the soundtrack to pretty much every NES game here.

The soundtrack comes all as one file, and you use the slider on the plugin to change tracks. Cool!

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