Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Treyarch You're All Right With Me

As you may or may not know (or care about), Treyarch is developing the next Call of Duty game (Black Ops) which Jaison and I are currently salivating for. When most fans of the series hear that name they turn up there nose like a dog unto a plate of broccoli.

Treyarch gets a pretty bad rap, often being called the poor man's Infinity Ward. I don't feel they deserve the title at all, and I'm sure Jaison will back me up on this. We both played CoD: World at War and thoroughly enjoyed the multiplayer, despite it's flaws. The singleplayer was also compelling for (yet another) WW 2 shooter. Hardcore deathmatch is still one of my best online experiences.

Well anyway, this most recent news makes me want to high-five each one of them. I don't even play games on the PC much any more. But after IW's iron grip on Modern Warfare 2's content, this is a pretty awesome move for Treyarch. Combine that with available dedicated servers and some gameplay balance tweaks (Killstreaks no longer stack!), and Treyarch is accruing Goodwill Pointsat an alarming rate.


  1. Agreed, World at War was highly underrated. Except Nazi Zombie mode which was overrated.

    I mean Nazis AND Zombies, a bit obvious, don't you think.

  2. I wanted to actually buy world at war, but its still frikken full price. How old is that game? shouldn't it have dropped in price by now? Even second had its $59.99.

  3. Yeah it seems like CoD games take freaking forever to drop in price! As much as I like the game I don't think it's worth full price, especially if you're not huge into the multiplayer like we were.