Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Ace Combat

Apologies for not posting much actual content lately, but there have been so many amazing trailers popping up with the fall season just around the corner. Like this one!

As Jaison will probably tell you, I freaking LOVE Ace Combat. I love fighter jets and Ace Combat is one of the very few games that strikes a good balance between arcade fun and flying simulation.

However what I DON'T love about the AC games is all the whiney, philosophical anime bullshit they often bring. "Is man doomed to repeat the wars of the past? How can a new peace be forged through violence? Is our reality someone else's dream, and if so what happens to us when they awake?"

I don't fucking CARE about that stuff!! All I want to do is fly in planes while blowing shit up and look wicked cool while doing it. I want to pilot a F-14 with Goose as my co-pilot, shooting the crap out of ruskies while Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone blasts in my ears. This looks like the closest Ace Combat will ever come to my dream.


  1. There's always HAWX 2


    You just have suffer through all the Tom Clancy BS instead.

  2. True lol I am not sure which is worse. I really liked HAWX, aside from the awful name.

    I don't know what it is with these modern military games though and the need to cram as much jargon into each sentence as possible. Roger Delta we are Oscar Mike to Charlie, get ops on the LZ we are Bingo seven with bandits on our six!!

  3. I prefer the old World War flying games. The good ole dog fights ripping planes apart piece by piece while tracers shoot past your tail.