Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Sentence Reviews

Tired of reading three page reviews that blabber on about pointless, irrelevant crap yet miss the point entirely? Aren't we all. Somethingawful.com has a great feature called One Sentence Reviews, which I really enjoy. I figure I will try my hand at a few and rate some of the games in my library.


Killzone 2 - Like that girl who is super hot, yet unbearable to spend any length of time with. 4/10

Uncharted 2 - It's like an action movie....THAT YOU PLAY! 8/10

Burnout Paradise - The best way to spend 20 dollars since you bought that old suitcase full of porno. 10/10

Mafia 2 demo - It's like GTA would be if GTA was fun. 7.5/10

Dead Space - Grow some testicles and play it on hard mode cause it is fan-fucking-tastic. 9.5/10

Team Fortress 2 - Proof of how PC gaming can still be a wonderful thing. 10/10

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising - They say you should regret nothing, but I regret buying this broken, frustrating, awful piece of turkey shit. 0/10

My World, My Way - A fun, old school RPG that I would be utterly embarrassed to let anyone catch me playing. 7.5/10

Red Dead Redemption - The best cougar hunting simulation since Cabella's Big Game Hunter 2005. 8/10

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