Monday, August 16, 2010

Epic Mickey

This is pretty old news to most people, but in case you weren't aware of the new game from Disney Interactive, check out this new trailer.

It looks...troubling. Here's one of those games that probably sounded great during the brainstorming session, but as production went on and executive meddling increased, it sort of became something else.

When the game was first announced it had a ton of appeal. A game starring the classic, silent Mickey Mouse fighting through a dystopian Magic kingdom to defeat Oswald the lucky rabbit (Walt's original character). Created by a guy by the name of Warren Spector, who also worked on a little game called DEUS EX!!! Some amazingly bleak and grotesque looking concept art was leaked and I was super hyped for this game.

Well as time went on and more details were revealed, Warren admitted that he pushed the concept too far and the suits at Disney decided maybe he should reign it back in. So instead of this:

We are getting this:

Alas, what could have been. They even managed to screw up the name. At first I thought "Epic Mickey" was a lame code name for a work in progress, like Dolphin for the N64. But nope, this is what they are sticking with. Someone should tell these nimrods that epic is quite possibly the most overused adjective of our generation.

Homer's Odyssey was epic. The battle of Kursk was epic. Someone discovering that you can make a sandwich using 2 pieces of chicken as a bun was epic. This shit certainly is not epic. Come on Warren, you can do better than this.

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  1. Oh, golly gee, I sure do hope no one got hurt during the making of this trailer , gosh darn it...oops, excuse my french!