Thursday, May 6, 2010

Secret Weapons - Kontrol Freek FPS Freek

Ever play a FPS online and feel like the other guys just plain have an unfair advantage? In these dark days of hackers and cheaters, let's just go ahead and assume they do. So let's teach those little bastards with an unfair advantage of our own.

Enter the FPS Freek. I first heard of these little doo-dads from another game nerd at work. I am always wary of attachments and crap that promise to magically enhance your gaming experience. I got burned by the power glove, NEVER AGAIN!!

Anyway he swears by them, and they got good reviews on the internet, plus they didn't cost much so I ordered a pair. They snap right on top of the analog sticks for both 360 and PS3, extending them by about 1 cm. "But how do that make it bettar??!?" I hear you ask. Jesus christ, hold on a minute I am getting there.

Allright I am about to drop some science on this house, so hold on to your dicks. Basically when you push the stick in a direction you first have to overcome the spring force, which keeps the stick centered. Raising the stick creates a longer lever which makes it easier to over come that force. This makes small and more precise movements easier. Word.

So does it work? Yeah it does, thanks for asking. Jaison and I both use them and while they might not be enough to make him a super pro like me, they definitely make a difference. I only use one on the right analog stick that I use for aiming. I find I don't really need one for movement anyway. Now I am owning noobs like a boss and my e-peen is bigger than ever. Thanks Kontrol Freek!

I give it 1 tombstone out of 1, because Jaison is going to kill me for giving away our secret.

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  1. Here I was trying to grow extra thumbs like a chump!