Friday, May 7, 2010

DICE Kicks Ass

Maybe you knew that already. Maybe you didn't. If you need proof, check out the Bad Company 2 Update coming to PS3 and 360.

This is fan-fucking-tastic, it's like a wishlist of everything I wanted them to fix about the game. When I read about the M60 and M1911 getting nerfed I played my air guitar so hard I sprained my wrist.

PC players are used to getting balance updates, bug fixes etc. But consoles rarely get the same sort of treatment. Live doesn't help matters any with their retarded fucking 'certification process'. In Call of Duty we were lucky to get the game-breaking glitches fixed, they wouldn't dream of touching the obviously bullshit weapon or perk balance, HELL NO. Could be worse though it could be Gears 2.

To me this says "We care and want you to have fun playing the game, even though we already have your money. So instead of sitting around eating bran so we can shit out another map pack in 4 months, we're going to balance some of these guns." DICE you are cool with this guy.


  1. I don't think I ever got a tracer attached to a helicopter. It was the most useless thing in teh game.

  2. I managed to hit a few choppers with it, but they were the transport ones. A good attack chopper pilot and gunner are almost invincible.

    Toning down the m60 is a good start but I'd like to see medic's revival paddles take longer to recharge or something. A good medic can revive guys faster than you can kill them off.