Thursday, May 20, 2010

Game Fudge - Family Fun Edition®

It has recently come to my attention that some people are under the impression this website is not family friendly. To that I say:

EXCUUUUSE ME PRINCESS! Me so solly to have offended your delicate sensibilities!! I'm so worked up I could shart! Well here at Game Fudge, we are very responsive to constructive criticism. That's right, you brought this on yourselves.

Introducing the FAMILY FUN EDITION Yaaaaaaaaay! In this episode I am going to talk about a few games that morons can play with their retarded families. So come on mom, pops, rouse the young ones from their slumber and gather round for a drink from my font of knowledge. First up...


This game has been around for a long time, in various incarnations. Some are better than others, but for the most part they play pretty similar. Any of the good Bomberman games will support up to 4 players. The gameplay is pretty simple to grasp, which is very important when trying to explain it to people who think Mario is the most challenging game in existence.

There is ample opportunity to work together, help each other out or just blow each other up. Which is usually how it ends up at our house. It's one of those games that is just satisfying on some primal level, and you don't need a ton of dexterity to play.

Likelihood of erupting into a brawl: moderate


Looking at the box, and watching commercials you'd think this would be the ultimate family game. While it definitely holds some enjoyment for the family, it's not the best out there. My family would literally spend hours just customizing their guy and slapping each other. They didn't believe me when I told them that's not even the main part of the game. See what I am working with here??

Once you actually convince them to play a level, that's where the problems begin. The platforming in LBP can be sloppy at the best of times, so taking someone who is terrible at games to begin with and getting them to navigate through a level is nearly impossible.

The way the camera moves can also be disorienting, so it quickly becomes a cluster-fudge. Everyone trying to make the same jump, getting lost, falling in pits. It's a nightmare. Then you always have one person who is just terrible, and demands everyone wait for them so it devolves into playing retard round-up for an hour or two.

Likelihood of erupting into a brawl: High


Last but not least, my family's favorite game. It's available on ps2 and ps3, and plays like a pretty standard quiz show. The topics are broad, and the clues good enough that you can usually make an educated guess.

The fun is all in the presentation though. It comes with little electronic buzzers just like a real game show. You can pick from all kinds of funny characters, and even choose what you want your buzzer to sound like. The games are all very slick and fast-paced. It takes just about the right amount of time to complete, and it's always fun to show your family you're smarter than they are.

My favorite part though is the muppet that hosts the game, Buzz. He's such a hilarious little asshole. Finally a video game character I can relate to!

Likelihood of erupting into a brawl: Low

So there you have it kiddos. If monopoly is banned in your house like mine, give one of these games a try next time someone gets the terrible idea to have a family game night!

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  1. My Sense and Sensibilities have been offended, my virgin ears have been raped by donkey's. How shall I ever recover! Whoa is me, (wheep-wheep).

    I guess some GTA will fix me right up:)