Sunday, May 2, 2010

Go Buy This Terrible Game!

Let's just get this out of the way first. In many respects, Deadly Premonition is a terrible game. The controls are clunkier than Silent Hill. The combat can be dull. The graphics are somewhere between Dreamcast and PS2 quality. The driving controls suck, and the dialog frequently enters so-bad-it's-good territory.

So why? Why do I want you to buy such a piece of shit? Am I retarded? Yeah, retarded like a fox. So for now just put away your damn Jump to Conclusions mat and listen. Despite (maybe even partially because of) all those things, Deadly Premonition is an amazing, one of a kind experience.

The game is about FBI agent York, who is sent to a small town in the boonies to investigate a brutal murder. Sound familiar? Yeah it does. But the execution is completely unique. The story is easily the highlight of the experience. With tons of twists and turns, interesting characters and some hilarious, or hilariously awful dialog the story always remains compelling.

This game also has a huge Twin Peaks vibe to it. There's tons of surreal imagery, and the dream sequences were obviously inspired by the show. There are plenty of nods and references to other TV/movies as well. The actual game plays like a sort of cross between Silent Hill, Heavy Rain and an open world game like GTA.

I could talk for hours about what makes this game so interesting, but it's like trying to explain why The Big Lebowski is so great to someone who hasn't seen it. Deadly Premonition is one of those games that really tries to do something unique, and while it doesn't always succeed I really have to give them props for not just crapping out some budget GTA or call of duty rip off. The game retails for 20 bucks new, which is a steal for this much entertainment.

Wouldn't you agree, Zack?


  1. I dunno, my coffee warned me about this game.

  2. SOLD!! I will not play this game :)