Monday, May 17, 2010

Games that shouldn't exist - Home Improvement

Does everybody know what TIME it is??

Time to play another piece of crap game!! ARRROOHOOHOH

Now on the list of games you'd never want to play, a game about the sitcom Home Improvement is probably right up there with Jerry Garcia Colonoscopy Simulator 2005. What the hell is there to even make a game ABOUT? Yeah, my favorite level is the one where Tim electrocutes himself and forgets Jill's birthday! The fact that someone actually thought this would make for an entertaining video game boggles my fucking MIND! Jaison doesn't think it's that strange of a concept, but he is a crazy man with crazy ideas.

To my knowledge, it was the first sitcom-based video game in existence. But then Jaison had to go and point out the ALF game for computer. To that I say, shut your pie hole Jaison quit ruining my illusions! Anyway ALF is probably way more fun than this piece of shit.

Basically, the game starts with one of the longest and most painfully boring intros of any super nintendo game EVER. The premise for this turd-stonking crap carton of a game is that Binford has decided to name some tools after Tim. But then someone steals them! Gasp. Instead of calling the cops like non-retardian people, he decides to follow clues that lead him to different movie sets. Of course they just happen to be populated by real dinosaurs, giant bugs, and other inane bullcrap.

You have a bunch of tools like nailguns and jackhammers, which are kind of cool. You have to collect nuts and bolts, and find the crates of tools or something? I don't know. I didn't get past the first level. The only part I found amusing was that whenever Tim jumps, it sounds like he is letting a righteous fart. The rest of the game made me want to watch re-runs of The Nanny instead. Yep, it's that bad.

Check out this video and make my pain yours.


  1. I too tried to play through this for a post on pacroid, I couldn't do it. Big Props for even staying longer than 2 min.

  2. I think anyone who manages to sit through the intro deserves a medal. It is just terrible.