Saturday, May 22, 2010

Secret Weapons - Gameboy Game Genie

Let me tell you a little story.

There once was a small boy who wished for a Gameboy more than anything in the whole world. Then one Christmas his parents finally succumbed to his crying and whining. Getting up at 5 AM and ripping that present open while everyone was still asleep, the boy experienced a moment of pure, unbridled exuberance. The only thing that could have topped that would be a visit from all four ninja turtles. But alas...

Soon the boy discovered that, like their NES counterparts, some Gameboy games were just bullshit hard for no reason. Never would he be able to beat Contra, or pass the final level of Nail 'n Scale. Tears of anguish rolled down his tiny cheeks. Such a tragedy.

But lo! In the distance, a shining beacon of hope emerged! Could it be??? Dare I say it? YES, IT IS!

GAME GENIE FOR GAMEBOY! Hallelujah, all his prayers were finally answered. Oh glorious day! Not only is this one of the coolest accessories for Gameboy, I'd go as far as to say it's one of the coolest, period. Let's have a look at this beauty.

Where the original Game Genie was pretty small and just went inside the NES, the Gameboy one has this long piece that goes down inside, and your gameboy wears it like a hat. It also has a cut-out so you can reach the power button easily. Neat! The cartridges plugged into it backward, and it even came with little stickers of some codes you could stick on the back of each cartridge. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT???

But wait. You see that little door on the back? Know what that's for? That's right, that compartment stored a tiny code book! I can't find any pictures of it but it was SO FUDGING NEAT! A feat of modern engineering for sure.

So thanks to the all powerful Game Genie, the little boy was finally able to beat all his games even the retarded ones like Bart vs the Juggernauts. He grew up to be strong and handsome and super cool. One time he made a game website that some people even read. And you know something else?


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