Sunday, April 3, 2011

XBLA Buying Bonanza

Because of the one-day sale on April 1st, I picked up a 2800 points card on my way home. This is what I ended up getting with it.

X-Men arcade

This was on sale for 200 points. At that price you can't afford not to get it. Jaison and I played through it twice. Even if I never touch it again I feel like I got my 200 points worth. One thing it did make me realize is that these old beat-em ups haven't aged that gracefully.

Costume Quest

It was on sale for 600 points, so I had to give it a try. I am not a big fan of the art style (it just looks so basic). But that's ok because the game itself is pretty fun. The combat and exploring are both satisfying. Clicking on everything find candy gets a little old after a while though. I would definitely recommend it for 600 points, but not at full price.

Islands of Wakfu

I wasn't expecting much, but after the demo I had to get this game. It looks gorgeous. Turns out the gameplay is pretty good too. It's a sort of Zelda-esque game where you explore and fight monsters. If I had to use one word to describe this game it would be 'chill'. The music, the atmosphere, it's all just sort of relaxing. Plus there's co-op, but I haven't tried it yet because no one will come to my house after 'the incident'.

Serious Sam the Second Encounter

I really debated getting this one since it was 1200 points. But in the end I did and it's awesome. It looks great and the gameplay is smooth as ever. I forgot how funny/corny Sam is. It has all the fun of the original with some awesome weapons like the chainsaw and flamethrower. If you've never played Serious Sam but enjoy fast-paced shooters I recommend giving it a try.


  1. Good to see someone get some well deserved enjoyment out of X-Men arcade game.

    The 200 point special price is where it should remain. For what it is, it's a big ask for such a quick play through.

    Where-abouts are you both from?

  2. Whoops, just realised your profiles up top :)

    Do you two play Halo 3: ODST by any chance? My co-host and I are on the hunt for another two players to round out a four player ODST firefight fest.

  3. Jaison has ODST but I don't. He might be interested in kicking some butt in firefight. I will ask him if I see him online.

  4. Serious sam...I loved that on the PC. At the time my pc was powerful enough to handle all the onscreen monsters, so it would chug like hell.

    Would love to give it another go, its is just a release on the Live, or did they make a new one?

  5. It's actually a HD remake, so they redid all the graphics but it's basically the same game. One thing I wish they added though was some better music to get you pumped.