Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Sentence Reviews IV

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Despite a smaller roster of more obscure characters, this game stands head and shoulders above it's predecessor for not making me want to jam a fork in my ear. 8.3/10

Crysis 2 - A game about marines in nanosuits fighting aliens that manages to be way more interesting than that sounds. 9/10

Gemini Rue - A charming indie adventure game whose biggest flaw is a main character named Azrael Odin. 8.72222/10

Bulletstorm - I can't help but think this game would have been less beautiful yet far more entertaining if Epic had kept their big faces out of it. 7/10

We Dare - The same collection of shitty Wii party games you love, now with more awkwardness. 3/10

FF Dissidia Dewey Decimal 012 - This game gets points for including a metric fuck-ton of content, but loses them again for not actually being very fun. 6/10

Dragon Age 2 - A mixed bag of plucky dialog, interesting characters, boring combat and repetitious environments. 7.2/10

Homefront - I hope North Korea disables all our electronic devices so I won't have to play this again. 4/10

Hyperdimension Neptunia - Anyone who actually buys this game deserves what they get. 2/Huuurgh

Alan Wake - A very polished game that could have been truly horrifying, yet seems to do everything in it's power to stop at merely 'creepy'. IX/X

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