Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wii 2 have predictions

With all the rumors and speculation going around the interwebs these days about Nintendo's impending announcement of the Wii 2, I figured it's time Game-Fudge threw it's hat in the ring with our own insider information. So without further ado, and in no particular order, here's our predictions for Nintendo's new wii.

1. Keeping with Nintendo's tradition of not using sequential numbers in their titles, Nintendo announces the name of the console will not be the Wii 2 but in fact will be called "the Wiii". And therefore it will be referred to as "the Wiii" for the remainder of the article.

2. To prevent any future lawsuits from idiots throwing their controllers at the TV all new Wiiimotes will be made entirely out of Nerf.

3. Nintendo goes back to it's root ditching all disc based media in favor of cartridges made from a combination of USB sticks and old DS cards. In addition Nintendo launches a risque ad campaign in Europe to attract an older more sophisticated audience. All I've heard so far is it's has something to do with blowing and cartridges.

4. To combat Playstation plus Nintendo has launched it's own Free service offering up to 10 games for only a penny as long as you commit to buy 6 more games in the future. No word yet on future pricing.

5. Not only will the Wiii be more powerful than the PS3 and the 360 it will be as powerful as a 360 and PS3 duct taped together.

So there you have it, Nintendo's new Wiii, ready to take over the universe one grandparent at a time.


  1. I heard it can also fly and cure cancer

  2. it also as a place to hook tiolet paper on its side too..that sold in my book.