Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Upgraded My PS3 Hard Drive

Recently I finally decided to go for a new hard drive, and I figured I'd post a little about it for anyone else who is looking for a little more storage capacity on their PS3.

The first thing I will say is that it is an incredibly painless process. I really have to give credit to Sony for this. I didn't have to take my console apart, or buy and special Sony branded overpriced shit. No transfer cables or content reactivation. Everything should be this simple.

I ordered a 2.5" SATA 500GB laptop hard drive off for $60. When it finally came, all I had to do was use the backup utility to make a copy of all my save games and PSN titles on my USB hard drive. Then I turned the console over and took out a single screw. After sliding the hard drive's little enclosure out I undid 4 more screws and installed the new one in it's place. Then I booted up the console and ran the restore process. It took about half an hour to run, so I went and had lunch. Then when I came back everything was good to go.

Overall this was a great upgrade, and at 60 bucks it was very reasonably priced. Sure as hell beats paying $170 for a 250GB Xbox 360 Hard drive. Now that Sony's 3.56 firmware fuck-up that bricked consoles with upgraded hard drives has supposedly been fixed, this is an easy upgrade that I would recommend for anyone looking to get a bit more out of their PS3.


  1. So you did this before or after the new firmware update. I have a couple of friends and my brother who are looking to upgrade, but since the latest scare with bricking your system, they have all said no to the upgrades until its fixed.

  2. I am still running old firmware, but from what I have heard they released a version 2 of the newest one which fixes the hard drive issue. Take that for what you will, though.