Monday, February 14, 2011

Playstation Move Round-Up

I know that a lot of people (Including Jaison) are still on the fence about the whole Playstation Move setup. It's understandable, as the selection of games so far is slim at best, and Sony has done a piss-poor job of marketing the thing. Well to shed some light on it and possibly help you make up your mind, here are my impressions of the games I have tried so far.

Time Crisis Razing Storm - This might seem like a great value as you get 3 games in one package. Unfortunately they are all crappy lightgun games. This really does nothing to show off how well the Move controls work. I would have much rather had a House of the Dead collection.

EchoChrome 2 - This is a sort of puzzle-platformer where you use your move controller like a flashlight to manipulate shadows and guide a shadow dude to an exit. Unfortunately even on high sensitivity the controls felt a little poopy. It didn't feel at all like I was holding a flashlight. The gameplay was ok I guess, but the classical music got on my nerves quickly. You can't even play a custom soundtrack. This is a good game....For me to poop on!!

Cabela's Dangerous hunts 2011 - This game was made to be used with it's own lightgun controller, but it's still compatible with the move and navigation controller. The aiming is decent for the most part, but moving and aiming is a huge fucking pain. It doesn't help that most enemies run straight at you, so you're constantly trying to turn around and move backward to shoot at them. Also the story is awful, and not in a funny way. In a pants-on-head retarded kind of way. The shooting galleries are very fun, but not worth the price of admission.

Start the Party - This game is actually a hoot, especially when you have people over. It's basically a minigame collection like Warioware, but all the minigames are fun and control very well. Only thing is that multiplayer is a one-at-a-time, pass the controller deal. Which actually isn't that bad because as the person is playing it's showing their image on the screen doing all kinds of silly things so the rest of you get to laugh at them.

PDC World Championship Darts - Your dad will love this game. Mine sure does. He kicks my ass at it every time. The graphics are mediocre, but it's fucking darts what did you expect? If you turn the aim assists down, it actually simulates the feel of darts quite well. The tournament and exhibition modes are fun and actually make it kind of exciting. There are tons of different games to play in party mode, so it's definitely one to play with friends. Your enjoyment of this game will depend mainly on how much you like darts, and how many friends you have.

Dead Space Extraction - I already talked about this one, but it is still in my opinion the best title for Move right now. The controls are excellent, and it has enough meat on it that it's something you will want to play even when there's nobody around for co-op. It's basically the only game I have that I would recommend for "serious" gamers.

As for the actual hardware, I have been impressed with it overall. You just plug the camera into your PS3, turn on the controller and you're good to go. You can use the motion controller to navigate menus and watch movies on your PS3 which is neat. You can even plug the camera into your PC and use it as a (low quality) web cam.

As much as I like the technology behind it, I still don't think the Move has graduated out of the novelty phase yet. I'd say right now it's worth getting if you have friends/family who are easily amused like mine. If you are a shut in who expects a much deeper experience from their games you will probably want to wait and see what the future brings. I am really looking forward to seeing how it works with Killzone 3 and I will let you guys know as soon as I find out!


  1. I'll be getting my own Move this week, I look forward to really giving it some time. Even though I have tried it for several hrs at a friends house, its not the same has messing around with at know, the no pants sorta deal.

  2. Pants are always a deal-breaker for me.