Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MSPA: Homestuck

Ok, apparently I am only about a hojillion years behind everyone else on this. I've been seeing weird little MS Paint drawings floating around on the interbutt for a long time but never knew where they were from until recently.

Like all of you probably already know, they are from the most recent MS Paint Adventures series, Homestuck. Basically it's a comic...about a game....presented in the format of an old adventure game....or something. Is that video game related enough for you Jaison? If not I suggest you dial 1-800-Deal-with-it. Toll free, operators are standing by.

So there are tons of webcomics about games out there, big Ally Mcdeal. What makes this one different is how bizarre and hilarious it is. It starts off a little slow, but as the story progresses it gets totally batshit awesome. It focuses on a boy named John Egbert and his friends as they get caught up in a crazy, world-altering video game.

The author pretty much makes the story up as he goes along, and incorporates lots of reader suggestions into it. There are many animations and music, as well as spin-off games, comics, etc. It's amazing, if a little overwhelming to dig into. The story began 3 years ago, and is still on-going so there's a ton of content to catch up on. Great if you're looking for some evening reading material.

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  1. I can't believe we're promoting reading on our Blog. You know that goes against all my beliefs.