Sunday, September 12, 2010

More One Sentence Reviews


Ace Combat 6 - Better looking, yet somehow inferior in every other way to Ace Combat Zero. 6.5/10

Bioshock 2 - The best bioshock game since Bioshock 1. 9/10

Resident Evil 5 - A great co-op experience that other wise pales in comparison to RE 4. 8/10

Heavy Rain - I only played the first 20 minutes, but the lack of a spank and a 'Got your nose' button makes this the worst fatherhood simulation I have ever played. 4/10

Aliens vs Predator - Everyone hates this game but me. 7.5/10

Super Street Fighter 4 - A great fighting game marred only by the decision to include Ken. 8/10

Retro Game Challenge - Just like all those NES games you loved as a kid only not fucking impossible this time. 9/10

Deadly Premonition - The Citizen Kane of bargain bin games. - 10/10

Fuel - I'd rather eat bees than play this fuckload of ass again. 3/10

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