Saturday, September 18, 2010

Front Mission Evolved Might Suck

I am a big fan of the Front Mission series. I enjoy strategy RPGs and I enjoy giant fighting robots even more. They must have been reading my diary when they thought this one up...Not that I have a diary.

Anyway I was super excited when I recently learned there was another Front Mission coming out soon! And it's a third person action game. "That's cool." I thought, "I love Mech Warrior and like Armored Core". Well I should have been suspicious when I hadn't seen a single second of gameplay footage this close to release. After some digging I found this video on GT.

It just looks...really bland. Like vaseline on toast. When will developers realize that what people like about giant robots isn't that they're slow and clunky. It's that they're powerful and destructive. I want it to be like Shadow of the Colossus, except I am the colossus and I am squishing the crap out of people and blowing up their homes.

I want to punch a robot into a building and the building falls down. I want to stomp on 2 cars and use them for roller skates. I want the ground to tremble and windows to shatter whenever I fire my giant cannon. Dear diary please make this happen.

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