Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CoD Black Ops Leaked Multiplayer Details

This one's for you, Jaison.

Who would have thought this? Scans of UK gaming magazine Shortlist have been posted on the internet today, revealing some revolutionary changes to the Call of Duty multiplayer formula. The most notable addition is currency: earned by playing multiplayer matches, you can use it to buy weapons, uniforms and accessories for your player. There are also several brand new gametypes which are unlike anything seen in Call of Duty before.


Customization will also play a huge part in the new Call of Duty. David Vonderhaar, lead multiplayer designer at Treyarch, told the magazine: “You can create a tag and etch it onto your weapons, so they’re stamped as yours. The option is also there to alter your sights and clip on attachtments such as flame-throwers.”

These attachments, sights and tags can be bought with in-game cash and will help to make your character ‘unique’. However, it seems likely that some elements of the traditional rank system from previous Call of Duty games will remain, given that players in the Multiplayer Teaser Trailer had ranks next to their names. It’s likely that we’ll find out more on this later tonight, at the Multiplayer Reveal Event.

‘Wager Match’

Another new addition is a Team Tactical gametype called ‘Wager Match’. When you choose to play Wager Match, you’ll be randomly placed in one of four modes: ‘One in the Chamber’, which sees players given one bullet to kill other players: miss, and they’re forced to use the knife, ‘Sharpshooter’, which sees players given a random weapon, ‘Sticks and Stones’, which involves the crossbow, ballistic knife and Tomahawk, and ‘Gun Game’ (formerly a mod for Call of Duty 4), which sees players vying to get kills with 20 different weapons: knife someone, and they move down a level.

“You gamble with your own currency, and the fear of loss is so incredibly great that it intensifies the action.” – David Vonderhaar

Wager match sounds incredibly addictive, though it will probably crank the annoying bullshit level to eleven and break off the knob. All I can say is bring it on you assholes, team TopG is ready for ya.

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