Sunday, September 26, 2010

Games To Play With Your Dad

I had this weekend off, so I decided to spend some of it hanging out with my dad. Naturally the bulk of our time was spent playing video games, so I figured I'd compile a short list of games that are fun to play with your dad (Or alternately, your 5 year old).

Guitar Hero/Rock Band - My dad really enjoys the guitar hero games. He always plays bass on easy or occasionally medium if he's feeling pumped. I own Rock Band for PS2, but a lot of the songs are too weird for him to get into. Also forget drums or singing. If there was a Bass Hero I'd just buy him that instead.

Split/Second - This is a good racing game for dads because it's not overly technical. Brake, gas and one button to explode things. Lots of crazy stuff going on, it's a real hoot especially the mode where the trucks drop exploding barrels on you.

Castle Crashers - I thought this would be a little too difficult for my dad, but it turns out he loves it. He doesn't quite grasp stuff like blocking or magic, but it's still a great button mashing beat 'em up. Being able to revive other players is a godsend. Scott Pilgrim might also be a good dad game but we haven't tried it yet.

Soul Calibur - Any fighter that rewards wild button mashing will do, but for some reason he enjoys Soul Calibur the most. Probably because he can make his own character that looks like a viking with a big-ass hammer.

Little Big Planet - This is more of an advanced dad game. The controls are simple and there's plenty of silly stuff to keep him entertained, but the floaty platforming makes it frustrating. We can only get so far in the singleplayer because some of the jumps are just too hard for him to make.

Blur - Ok, this game was MADE for dads. I think it's by far my dad's favorite game. It's basically Mario Kart but with real cars. Even if you're not skilled at racing games you can often win just by pure luck. He always beats me with the damn volkswagen beetle and it is super frustrating.

So there are just a few. Of course the standard Wii sports games like bowling and golf apply but you already knew that. I am going to pick up Playstation Move at some point to see how well they go over with my dad, so stay tuned!

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