Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Split/Second Review

Ok, normally I wait until I have beaten a game to talk about it. But being a racing game, it's not like there is a massive plot twist or something to uncover. You drive cars the end. The story isn't what we are here for anyway. It's all about the gameplay. So how is it? Fabulous.

I hummed and hawwed over whether to get this or Blur for a while. I've had a boner for Split/Second since I played the demo. But a lot of people were complaining that the crazy explosions and setpieces would get old, and the full game doesn't really offer more than the demo.

All I can say is those people obviously never played the full game, and are retarded. You know something that never gets old? Dropping a fucking bridge on someone. Or landing a plane on them. Or swinging a giant wrecking ball and crushing them. It is totally satisfying on a primal level. Man has yearned to blow up his fellow man while driving fast in cars since the dawn of time.

I was caught a little off guard at first. The gameplay here is much more GRID than Burnout. You don't get very far ramming your opponents, you are much better off drafting them, then drifting to gain some power. Then when the time is right you activate your trap card!

There are a bunch of other modes too. My favorites are the one where you drive the track while a freaking HELICOPTER shoots MISSILES at you, and the one where you have to try and pass these big rigs that are dropping explosive barrels all over the track. It really gets your pulse racing, the beautiful graphics and effects do a lot to really drive the experience home.

There are other neat touches like how each achievement you earn shows up as a decal on your car. So by the time you get a bunch, your car is all blinged out like a real race car. For online, your car number is reflected by your worldwide ranking, which I thought was cool. It also has SPLIT-SCREEN!! Thank GOD developers pulled their heads out of their asses and realized it's morally wrong to make a racing game without split screen.

So that's my praise. Do I have complaints? Of course I do, I'm from Nova Scotia. I could complain a dog off a meat wagon. It would be our provincial sport if ours wasn't already Bingo. But all is forgiven when you are driving up the deck of a sinking aircraft carrier, dodging the planes while they slide off. Then you drift around a corner while a chopper is SHOOTING MISSILES at your ass and a truck is DROPPING BOMBS and shit is blowing up EVERYWHERE!!! Hurrrghh. My pants are getting tight just thinking about it.

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