Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dr. Pepper you are dead to me

So apparently Dr. Pepper is running some sort of promotion in connection with Iron Man 2 where you get a code under the cap of each bottle, which you enter on their website to get free x-box live stuff.

Normally I wouldn't give two corn filled craps, but some of the prizes you can win are custom camo and costumes for Bad Company 2. Do want! So the other night I was buying a drink at a local corner store and decided to give it a try. Well here's where the turd train left shit station.

First you have to sign up on their stupid website and create an account. Fine, whatever. But you need to make sure you go to the CANADIAN website, if you are in fact living in Canada. I made an account on the USA website by mistake and my code didn't work. Annoying! Anyway, then you have to enter this long code from under the cap and TA-DA!! It tells you that you have, in fact, won a prize. Ready to claim it now? Well hold your gosh-darned horses there Mr. Impatient!! We can't just have people grabbing prizes all over the place that would be COMPLETE AND UTTER CHAOS!

Ohhh no, you get ANOTHER long-ass code which you have to take to the x-box live website, sign in and enter it. It took me a good 15 minutes to find out that all I won was a premium theme. But I thought, free is free right? After all this shit is PREMIUM. It says so right there. It also says it's "Iron Man 2 Dr. Pepper theme". Cool, I bet it has some shots of Iron Man flying around fighting commies and doing crazy things.'s basically what it looked like.

A bunch of cans of fucking soda. Only one of which even has Iron Man's face on it. That's the main theme, the little pictures that appear behind your friends' avatars on your friend list look something like this.

Each of your friends is standing in front of a giant can of Refreshing Dr. Pepper® While Iron man flies by in the background gripping a bottle.

So let's get this straight, I bought your damn pop, jumped through your hoops and wasted 15 minutes of my life for the privilege of turning my 360 desktop into a giant advertisement. Now I just wasted 15 more bitching about it on the internet. Thanks a lot Dr. Pepper, you crap snacking fuck fencing shit stove.

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  1. HAHAHAHAH, Glorious!! I wish I had one.maybe some Big Up themes or PC brand themes with bomerang man.