Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Most Exciting Trailer of E3

Full title is Dudebro, My Shit is Fucked Up so I Got to Shoot/Slice You: It's Straight Up Dog Time II

From what little I have heard about the game, it looks pretty hilarious. Like the Duke Nukem for this generation, only it might actually get released. This is the sort of game from the 90s I have really missed. A couple guys were joking around and came up with a goofy idea, drew up some funny concept art then decided "What the hell, let's make a game of it!"

Even if it ends up being complete shit, I still really have to support what they are trying to do here.

NINJA EDIT: I just realized how much John Dudebro resembles the tool in the screenshot I posted below. Only difference is one is parody and one is supposed to be serious. Maybe the industry is in worse shape than I thought.

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