Saturday, December 11, 2010

Most Wasted Potential

Square Enix could have had it all with FF 14, but they flew too close to the sun on wings of wax...or something like that. With some beautiful graphics, an interesting world and intriguing story, FF 14 already had a lot going for it as a new MMO. You'd think with the hard lessons they learned from FF 11, they could have honed this game to be razor sharp and finally steal a piece of WoW's delicious pie.

Instead what they delivered was a buggy, broken mess of a game with very little content. It brings some interesting ideas, but they are lodged so deep in a quagmire of shit that extracting them proves futile. I stopped playing it less than half way through my free trial. That's right, I would not even play this shit for FREE. It made me want to play FF 11 instead, and I'd rather pound a nail through my dick than do that again.

Apparently Square Enix realized what a monumental clusterfuck it was and promptly fired the guys in charge. Only a few months late...Now they are committed to fixing their shit and extending the free period until they do so. All I can say is good luck, guys. You have got your work cut out for you on this one.

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