Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dead Space 2 : Cocked, Locked and Ready to Dismember!

With Black Ops come and gone, Dead Space 2 is the next release circled on my calendar in big red marker (January 25th). I loved the first one dearly and even own 2 copies of the pre-order art book (With 3D glasses!).

I was originally put off by some of the changes for the sequel (New suit design, talking Isaac, etc). But after reading a thread on Something Awful where one of the developers shows up and answers some people's questions regarding the game, I am officially fully stoked again. He talks about things like the flamethrower being improved, and the game being around 50% longer than the first Dead Space. My pants are getting tighter by the second. He even talks about why Dante's Inferno turned out to be such a turd, despite a lot of hard work by some very dedicated people.

As long as it's not stupid expensive, I think I'll be picking up the collector's edition of DS 2.

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