Monday, November 29, 2010

More Fanboy Names

Jaison and I thought up some more good ones tonight:

Gaystation Pee (Playstation 3)
Sex-cocks Pee city (X-box 360)
Wii-ner (Wii)
Super Nintendong Dick-ty four (N64)
Gaystation Poo (PS 2)
Virginal Boy (Virtual boy)
Turd-o Grafucks Dickteen (Turbo Grafx 16)
Faga Ass-turd System (Sega Master System)
Gayboy (Gameboy)
Faga Genedicks (Sega Genesis)
Doodie Pre-menstruation (Deadly Premonition)
Gayonetta (Bayonetta)
Womb raider : Underwear (tomb raider underworld)
Gaylo Whores (Halo Wars)
Penis Wright : Ass-is-horny (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
Ass steroids (Asteroids)
Takin'-a-poo (Tekken 2)
Breath of Fart Poo (Breath of Fire 2)
Metal Queer Solid Pee : Snake Beater (MGS 3 : Snake eater)
Professor Gay-ton and the bi-curious village (Prof. Layton and the Curious village)
Little Butt Penis (Little big planet)
Fuck Cunt (Duck Hunt)
Nintendong Pee ass (Nintendo DS)
Poke-your-mom's snatch (Pokemon snap)
King bum-darts (Kingdom hearts)
Final Fag-asy Attack dicks (FF Tactics)
BJ Hero (DJ Hero)
Dick Jam Crapstar (Def Jam Rapstar)
Skank (Shank)
Pooper Skeet Fighter Poo Turd-o (Super street fighter 2 Turbo)

That will be all for now.