Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How To Be OK at Black Ops

I was all set to post a a guide for new players on how to be a total Pro at Black Ops, but then I realized that I am actually pretty mediocre at best. This is mostly due to the fact that A) I don't have a great connection, and B) Like all other facets of my life, I don't put in that much effort. So anyway, here are some tips to be pretty good at the game I guess.

1. Play Hardcore mode. Seriously, just do it. The game is so much less frustrating when you can just shoot a guy once and he dies. Instead of running through your hail of bullets to stab you in the face. It makes the game much more tactical and exciting. Lag can still be an issue, but overall it's a more positive experience.

2. Use claymores. Every single room in this game has multiple entrances, so it's great to have at least a little protection for your back. Place them inside the room so guys will run blindly into them, instead of spotting them from the doorway. People can spot them with Hacker, but I find it's so rarely used that it's not a big issue.

3. Rely on your team mates. You mean to take up positions, flank and cover each other? HELL NO. The sad fact is that 90% of players you encounter will be completely retarded. So if there's a room you're unsure of, always let a team mate go in first and be your bomb defusing robot. That way at least they are accomplishing something.

4. Use Spy plane. I know the little explosive RC Car is hilarious, but the fact is that you might get 1 kill out of it. Meanwhile you are left vulnerable and doing nothing for 30 seconds. Pick spy plane for your killstreak instead, as it can make a world of difference in Hardcore and is still pretty darn useful in core.

5. Flak jacket is great. Even if you're smart and use spy planes, chances are every single tard is going to be using the RC car. Flack jacket protects you from explosives including the cars unless they are directly beneath your feet. This will also help you survive grenades, claymores, C4 and noob tubes.

6. Try a higher sensitivity. The default controller sensitivity on consoles is pretty low. Try to set it as high as you can stand it, as this will help you line up shots and generally look around a lot faster. It will definitely take some getting used to though.

7. Don't be a Turd.
Seriously, if you see a team mate's care package fucking leave it alone unless you double check and there are absolutely no friends or enemies around. So many times I have been killed while a team mate is trying to steal my shit instead of looking out for enemies.

8. Second Chance is awesome. Well, mostly in Hardcore where you can actually kill a person with the pistol. The pro version lets team mates revive you which is hella useful.

9. Avoid gimmicky weapons. The crossbow and ballistic knife look really cool, but unless you have a really good connection, they'll probably just cause you much frustration. If you're on a shitty connection like me you'll probably get a lot more mileage out of a rocket launcher. Pistols blow in core but they can also be semi-useful in HC.

10. Avoid Jaison. Especially if you are on his team. Dude team kills like it's his fucking business.


  1. Damn straight, no one's stealing my care package!

  2. well, well.Jaison isn't going to get in Call of Duty Heaven doing things like that!!