Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fanboy Game Names

Earlier I was reading the comments below this article that Jaison sent me, and a particular one spoke to me.

gametr4x wrote:
"NFS Shift 2 a competitor?

Me and my friends actually renamed NFS Shift "NFS Shit" because it was a complete physics and controls disaster.

Such hilarious and clever wordplay, I couldn't believe my eyes! By simply removing the f, he made it sound like "Shit", which is a sick burn! I just had to come up with some of my own:

Need for Pee'd : Hot Fursuit (NFS Hot Pursuit)
Call of Doodie : Black Cocks (CoD: Black Ops)
Gran Turdshitsmo 5 (Gran Turismo 5)
Donkey Schlong Cuntry Peeturns (Donkey Kong Country Returns)
Septic Dickpee (Epic Mickey)
M'ass-is-fucked Poo (Mass Effect 2)
Unfarted Poo (Uncharted 2)
Whore-derlands (Borderlands)
Sphincterhell: Cuntdicktion (Splintercell: Conviction)
Biocock Poo (Bioshock 2)
Asshole Assers (Castle Crashers)
Red Dick Re-dong-tion (Red Dead Redemption)
The Faggoteur (The Saboteur)
Cock Land 2 (Rock Band 2)
Resi-dick Pee-vil 5 (Resident Evil 5)
Gaylo Pee (Halo 3)
Ass, ass n' pee'd (Assassin's Creed)
Enshaved, Odyssey to the Breasts (Enslaved: Odyssey to the West)
Monster Cunt-hair Pee-dom (Monster Hunter Freedom)
Queers of Whore Poo (Gears of War 2)
Poke Her Right in the Inventory (Poker Night at the Inventory)
DickSpank: Dongs-that-hurt-you (Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue)
Crapman Pee-sex (Pacman DX)
Shatman: Fartham Asy-bum (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

There's plenty more where that came from...


  1. I picture sitting by the fire, Chardonnay in one hand, a feather quill in the other wearing a velvet scarf with seal slippers, quietly sipping then it happens, " GOD OF WHORES 3!!!.....How do I do it?!"

    Tis Funny

  2. Haha that's great, how did I miss that one?!