Monday, November 1, 2010

In Loving Memory: Johnny Turbo

These days everywhere you turn you're bombarded with images of blue hedgehogs and jolly Italian plumbers. But who really remembers Johnny Turbo, the mascot of the ill-fated TurboDuo? Gone before his time was this fat superhero with a sideways baseball cap, goofy glasses and unkempt beard.

The story of Johnny Turbo really is a tragic one and you can read all about it here. While Sonic was spending his time collecting rings and Mario was rescuing princesses, Johnny would show up wherever FEKA (SEGA) was selling their CD add-on, flip out then talk shit about the Sega CD for a while before chasing them away. Like a big fat drunken Glenn Beck.

I honestly have no idea why these ads failed.


  1. Holy Shit! They have Sherlock Holmes on CD now? Where have I been?

  2. Jaison get with the program, they released it almost TWO YEARS AGO!!