Sunday, November 7, 2010

Homefront...of Duty?

I had already written off the upcoming Homefront from Kaos studio as another shitty Modern Warfare rip-off, so naturally this trailer surprised me.

I can totally get behind what this guy is talking about. A game that focuses on civilians in the middle of a military conflict could be awesome. Sort of like the last 30 mins of Children of Men. Using stealth to avoid patrols and rig traps for unsuspecting soldiers. I am hella ready for this!

Unfortunately it's like what he's talking about and the game they are showing are completely different things. So you are not a super soldier...oh but you are a pilot who can fly military choppers. Ok. Also you're able to use high tech military equipment stolen from Koreans. I guess so? Aaand basically the game plays exactly like Call of Duty. Ok I think we're done here. Sorry guys, thanks for trying I guess.


  1. To be fair, with video games like bad company teaching everyone to fly. Who won't know how to pilot a helicopter in 25 years.

  2. Shit how'd you get that video of me??