Monday, October 17, 2011

Real Battlefield 3 Impressions

I guess a lot of people shared our sentiments regarding the official BF 3 beta. The interbutt has been in somewhat of an uproar over whether or not "beta" is actually french for "demo", and if it will have any impact on sales. Even Pachter doesn't miss an opportunity to show what a master of the obvious he is by weighing in on it in the latest Pach Attack.

Well, it looks like a lot of people's fears will finally be put to rest. There has been an in-depth first look at the final (or near final) version posted on Reddit. From this, it looks like DICE have actually been fixing things, and this game might turn out pretty good after all. The first paragraph sums it up pretty well.

"Let me start off by saying that the build we played at the GeForce LAN was light years ahead of the Beta. It's the theme that will probably run through the rest of this post; it was a great relief to see how much work DICE has put into polishing BF3 up for the final release. Off the top of my head, asides from few bugs (noted at the end), I didn't run into any of the glitches people were having in the Beta(such as rubbernecking or map glitches.)"

Which is great to hear, because let's face it, I was going to end up pre-ordering this shit anyway.

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