Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Best Searches for Our Site

One cool feature StatCounter provides users with (Besides precise ePeen measuring) is the ability to see what search words people used to find your site. Some of the things people have googled to get here are pretty bizarre. Here are some of the better ones from recently.

minecraft best hose (I hope they meant house..)
daggerfall naked
single tear indian
snes games random messy pile
metal gear nes where do you start when you die
super fucker
teenage mutant ninja turtles level 3 can't make jump (Fuck that jump)
games to do with your dad (sounds vaguely sexual)
duke nukem strippers
kicked groin in pc game
all nerf guns in the world (Yes fucking ALL of them)
gamfug (i are smrt)
the gamefudge sex (Yes, the gamefudge sex. Accept no substitutes!)

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