Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back on the Scene

Today is a very special day. It may yet live in infamy my friends. Today officially marks the beginning of my return to PC gaming. It's taken many years, but a man's will can only hold out for so long.

I've been a PC gamer at heart since the first time I played Wolfenstein on my cousin's pc many years ago. Unfortunately, sometime around the start of this console generation I realized that constantly upgrading PC hardware to play the latest games is about as worthwhile as wiping your ass with wads of money then flushing them down the toilet.

I couldn't bring myself to replace my video card for the 20th time, or update my drivers, defrag my hard drive and sacrifice a goat to the pagan gods just to make games work on the damn thing. I didn't have the time, the energy or the money to continue with it. And people wonder why console games sell so much better these days.

So what brought me back? Honestly I don't really know. It seems that finally PC games are looking good enough compared to consoles that it's worth the frustration of trying to get them to work properly. I've got some money to blow and there are some great looking titles on the horizon. Not to mention Steve and Jaison both got new PCs. Thanks, assholes.

So today I ordered a bunch of parts I don't really understand off NCIX.com and am praying to the pagan gods that when the box shows up on my doorstep next week I am able to assemble them into some sort of PC shaped object. I already bought two sacrificial goats. You can't leave these things to chance.

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