Monday, June 6, 2011

Xbox E3 Press Conference Impressions

Just figured I post some random thoughts on the Xbox press conference.

- Modern Warfare 3 aka MW2 with more explosions

- Deliverance + Mouse Trap + Bermuda Triangle = New Tomb Raider

- Aside from Mass Effects combat Kinect Voice integration seems superficial at best. And still looks stupid.

- Bing search engine is awesome, but only cause Microsoft doesn't know how to organize their menu system.

- New TV options look cool but we'll never see them in Canada

- If you liked the first two you'll like Gears 3

- Kinect exclusive games seem to have extremely limited gameplay. Great for kids but that's about it.

- Kinect Fun Labs who wants their avatar to look like them? Have you used the internet before?

-Gears 3, Forza 4, Fable Journey, Halo anniversary and Halo 4. I think Microsoft is running out of ideas. I know Nintendo does the same thing but they have a ton of established franchises Microsoft has 4. Make something NEW you tards!

Overall for someone like me this show was very disappointing. I'm sure there's a lot of fun kinect stuff for the kids but this show just further demonstrates how limited the technology is without a controller. I think there's something telling when you watch the Star Wars demo and the player has to speak to turn on the lightsaber while the Jedi onscreen just pushes a button.


  1. Man I can't wait to play Halo Anniversary 4: Revenge of the Halo - Master Chief Strikes Back Halo Halo Halo FART

  2. I like shouting..this works perfect for me. TV ON!!! TOILET PAPER on MY BUM!!!!