Thursday, June 16, 2011

A New Sitcom Idea

With more and more pandering being done to the emerging "gamer" demographic, it seems like there is a lot of untapped potential for gaming related TV shows. Luckily Big D is here to help. Given Hollywood's complete inability to come up with new material, it might just be the perfect time to dust off an old classic and repackage it for a new generation.

Thomas Halo (Played by Frankie Muniz) is a typical 25 year old gamer who has no job, no prospects and lives at home with his mother, Estelle (Katey Sagal). Thomas's future is looking pretty dim, until one night during a thunderstorm when his mother reaches behind the television to unplug his X-Box. Just then the house is struck by lightning, killing her instantly. But as fate would have it, the same bolt of lightning has caused her soul to become trapped within Thomas' X-Box game console.

Now with the help of his motherly wisdom dispensing X-Box, Thomas is out to turn his life around. Whether it's owning noobs online or winning the affection of the girl next door, Thomas and Estelle will team up to face all of life's challenges. But first they will have to overcome adversity in the form of Robert Buzzkill (French Stewart), Thomas's new room mate. Robert is a devout mormon who believes that video games are evil and the X-Box is a tool of the devil.

Can Thomas triumph over adversity, rescue the princess and save the day? Just maybe, with a little help from My Mother the X-Box. Airing this fall on CBS!


Now to sit back and wait for the checks to roll in.

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