Sunday, May 15, 2011

How the Press Reviews Online Games

Here is a great article on arse technica about how reviewers play online games against the developers prior to the official release. I think they make a lot of valid (If a bit obvious) points about how it really doesn't reflect the real world conditions of these games at all.

Ever play a game online (cough...Gears, Call of duty...) and wonder how the flying fuck some of these idiotic design choices even made it past testing? Well this is why. There's a world of difference between playing in a controlled environment where lag is a non-issue, and playing against a cheating douchebag seeding 10 gigs of Naruto episodes on their dial-up connection.

I propose a drastic change in the way games are tested and demoed. Copies of every game to be tested should be given to an entire class of 15 year olds to play at home. You'll find out in a damn hurry everything that can and will be exploited in your game.


  1. Sounds we just need to find some 15 year olds.......where to look, where to look. I'll check in under all the rocks. you check the bathroom!

  2. I'll check the first place children always go.....The library!