Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gears 3 Tip-Stravaganza

If you're just getting into playing Gears online with the Gears 3 beta, then you might be having a hard time adjusting to the different style of gameplay. I know I sure was. I'm still a total hack, but my one redeeming quality is that I catch on pretty quickly. Here are some tips by a noob, for noobs.

1. Stay in a group - Seriously, always do this unless you know what you're doing. Gears is primarily a numbers game, even more so now that the rifles do damage. In a head to head fight, the side putting down more fire is almost always going to win.

2. Power weapons are important - Less so in Gears 3 than in the past, but it's still well worth studying the maps to know where each one is. Even if you suck at using them, at least go with a team mate and help them obtain one. Even keeping them out of the enemy's hands is worth it. Games can be won or lost by a guy with a boomshot or grenades tearing shit up.

3. Knowledge is power - Know where the power weapons are, know where your team mates are, and most importantly know where your enemy is. This will help you flank your enemies, and avoid getting flanked yourself. The element of surprise is a huge advantage in this game.

4. Know the shotgun. Love the shotgun - You might think the rifle is the most important weapon to master. WRONG! Nearly all close range encounters are decided by the venerable shotgun. You should be able to shoot from the hip, roll and fire, and blind fire around corners. Start with the gnasher to get the hang of it before trying the sawed-off.

5. Don't be a turd - I mean it, don't try to gank someone else's kill when they down an enemy. If there's a serious risk the enemy might get back up, then go for it. If they've got it under control, focus your attention elsewhere.

6. Know when to fold 'em - In a game where respawns are usually lengthy and/or limited, staying alive is a big priority. If you find yourself outnumbered, try to make a run for some team mates. Best case scenario, your team will cover you while you get to safety. Worst case scenario, the enemy is distracted sawing you into chunks and your team mates get a free kill.

7. Provide cover fire - This is much more useful in Gears 3. If you see a team mate rolling around exchanging shotgun fire with an enemy, take the opportunity to send a few bullets their way. You might distract the enemy just long enough or do enough damage that your team mate's next shot will kill them. You can earn a ton of assist exp this way.

8. Don't be a show-off - Executions and chainsaw kills are fun and satisfying, but they WILL get you killed more often than not. If you're behind cover and down an enemy it's almost always better to just finish them off with your rifle.

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