Thursday, July 15, 2010

Remember the Virtual Boy

A recent post on Pacroid highlighting some of the possible health risks of new 3D technology got me thinking about the good old Virtual Boy. Nintendo's very own red headed step-child.

You know a console didn't do very well when you ask people about their memories of it and most respond, "Oh yeah, I played one in the store one time." or "I played it a couple times at my rich friend's house as a kid."

Well like most people, my only experience with the Virtual Boy was at our local Zellers store. I played Red Alarm and the boxing game. My brother and I used to trade off every 10 minutes, to avoid whatever terrible consequences would befall those who played more than the 15 minutes recommended. I remember enjoying it enough to beg my mother to buy me one.

Then she read a story about a girl who played Virtual Boy for a while then got up and started pouring soda pop into her eyes. Well that was the end of my Virtual Boy owning dreams. She said, "No son of mine is going to play a video game and pour soda into his eyes!!!"

I remember hearing a lot of urban legends about people passing out from playing too long, or vomiting after 30 minutes. It was enough to scare me away from wanting to buy one. It seemed I was destined to never own a Virtual Boy......UNTIL....One day a year ago, my mom brought one home from the thrift store. I think she payed like 5 bucks for it. We planned on eBaying it, but never got around to it for whatever reason. So it sits in a box in my closet.....

UNTIL NOW!! That's right, in the interest of science I am going to play my virtual boy for TWO HOURS STRAIGHT, without taking any of the recommended breaks. What will happen to me??!! I have no idea! I'm afraid but also really curious. I need to find out!! God I hope I don't pour pop in my eyes!

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  1. That's right, the good of the many is not worth two in the boat,ummm.....or is it, two in the bush makes the worm get up early?..urrgg
    whatever, point being. Your sacrifice won't go in vane. If you do lose your eyesight, you can dictate your experience to the rest of us by telling Jaison and he will post. Its like he will be your hands, think of the possibilities? 4 Sets of hands, its almost superhuman!!!