Thursday, December 22, 2011

Most Extraneous Multiplayer

When I first heard they were including multiplayer in Dead Space 2 I was outraged. This is a game about scariness. How can I be scared when there are other xbox live jerkoffs yelling in my ear (sorry Jaison)? I was so mad that I wasn't going to buy the game. Or maybe buy it used.

But then when the game was released I folded like a cheap suitcase and got it on day one. Self control...what's that? Anyway I quickly discovered that the game came on two discs. What kind of shit is this! One is probably just for the multiplayer... I don't know if that's true or not, but anyway.

I finally got around to trying the multiplayer and it actually wasn't that bad. Jumping out of vents as the monsters is hilarious, and fighting to stay alive with your team was more fun than I expected. I still don't think they needed to include it though.


  1. I played like 15 mins of this game and was already scared and haven't played it since. I think I need to grow some invisible balls and finish it! :]

  2. You should! The finishing the game part, not the balls part. The first 15 min is the scariest....until the exploding babies, but anyway!