Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Serious Sam 3 is Out?

I guess? It apparently launched yesterday, and steam is telling me it's available to buy for forty canadian dollery-doos. But I cannot find a review on this game anywhere. It just sort of slid out like a turd in a swimming pool. When a game launches with this little fanfare it usually bodes well for it, and by well I mean terrible.

Anyway here's the launch trailer.

It looks...surprisingly mediocre. Like they just updated the old Serious Sam with some bland visuals and modern FPS staples (Assault rifle, iron sites, C4). The jokes don't seem especially funny either; they just seem to be trying too hard. It's like that kid in school who does something stupid but funny, and everyone laughs at him, so he sees it as his ticket to popularity and he keeps doing it but it's a little less funny each time, until everyone just feels bad for him and won't invite me to their birthday parties anymore. I guess what I am saying is I will probably buy this when it goes on sale.

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