Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kotaku Goes Full Retard

Not that we weren't all expecting this. But anyway, in a long tradition of inane, bitchy rants about stupid things (Back off, that's our territory!) Kotaku has finally committed the cardinal sin of defending Call of Duty.

They really ought to know, bitching to people to stop bitching about things on the internet is like pissing into an ocean of piss. People will love to complain about anything that's even remotely popular. That's life, and it's FAR from something unique to video games.

And honestly, of all the games to defend you pick Call of Duty? I don't think these games need defending. Sales numbers speak volumes about how popular this shit is. The reason people hate on CoD is generally because the campaigns are incredibly linear and scripted, with very minor incremental improvements, and the multiplayer is a giant fuck-fest that caters to people's worst tendencies.

But wait, didn't we both buy MW 3 on release day? You bet we did! Then we both spent the night shouting profanities at the game through our headsets. There is a genuine spark of fun present that keeps us coming back, but it's buried so deep in liquid feces that you need a fucking snorkel to find it.

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